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Hey June

Welcome to winter 🧊 time for slowing down and reflecting on the season past and planning for the spring. We recommend making a really basic map of your property and marking out the areas you're keen to focus on in the coming summer. What's going where, what do you need, what will make garden admin easier.

Got a big lifestyle property or a property with interesting environmental features? Come in and chat to us, we have experts in this field who will be able to help you make a plan that suits your land and your dreams.

Some people come in and make a plan to chip away at and others load up the trailer with newfound knowledge, confidence and heeeeaps of plants. Doesn't matter what your space is like we can help you make the most of it.

This month we're talking 🗣️
  • what jobs need doing?

  • what's in season

  • spotlight on another 2 local artisans stocked in The Collective

  • meet a Greenie! Introducing another greenie 💚

  • garden giggles, weird and wonky chuckle-worthy gardeny bits

  • #shareyourgreenery what's going on in your garden? Show off!


June, look back on the season that's been and plan for the spring.

Mulch you guessed it, we're still talking about mulch, we'll never stop 😂 collect up the mountains of leaves dropped from trees (have a joyful little run through and kick them all first) and create some layers in the garden, keep the moisture in and build up your future soil.

Reflect on the season just been, yep it's a job for a cuppa what grew well? What was the biggest disappointment and why? What areas had heavy feeders and now need some fixers? Were their any drainage issues? Do you need to think about more water collection or are there tweaks to make so that maintenance is just a bit easier? Draw a rough map and make notes - from that you can get into...

Planning June is a sleepy time in the garden and a fabulous time for inside jobs like planning for your next season and beyond. What are you doing with your annual spaces? What do you want to create i.e. what kinds of big trees would make a statement or create your dream garden vibe? Are you about to landscape a big lifestyle property and don't know where to start? Do you just want to do SOMETHING with a square metre of space?


5 ways to protect your garden from frosts this winter 🥶

  1. Frost Cloths and Covers Cover plants with frost cloths or blankets at night, and remove them in the morning to trap heat and prevent frost damage.

  2. Mulching 👀 Apply a thick layer of organic mulch around plants to insulate the soil and protect roots from freezing.

  3. Watering Water the garden during the day before an expected frost; wet soil retains heat better than dry soil.

  4. Windbreaks: Set up windbreaks with burlap, shade cloth, or wooden fences to reduce the impact of cold winds.

  5. Cloches and Cold Frames: Use cloches or cold frames to create a warmer microclimate around plants, reducing frost risk.

Signs of impending frost

Clear skies at night, Calm winds and still air, Rapid evening temperature drop. Forecasts predicting near or below 0°C. Dew point near freezing.

What to plant?

🌱 June Planting Guide 🌼

5 Plants to eat

  1. Spinach/Silverbeet This leafy green thrives in cooler weather

  2. Carrots and Parsnips Hardy as we have ecoseeds for you!

  3. Garlic Planting garlic in June gives it plenty of time to grow and develop strong bulbs.

  4. Onions They grow well when planted in the cooler months and can be harvested in late summer.

Plants to admire

  • Pansies: These hardy flowers thrive in cooler weather and come in a variety of vibrant colours.

  • Primulas: Known for their bright and cheerful blooms, primulas are perfect for winter planting.

  • Violas: Similar to pansies but with smaller flowers, violas are great for adding continuous colour to your garden.

  • Cyclamen: These plants produce beautiful, delicate flowers and do well in cool, shaded areas.

  • Sweet Peas: Planting sweet peas in June gives them a good start for a strong flowering season in the spring.


  1. Daffodils Easy to grow, these cheerful yellow flowers are a spring favourite

  2. Tulips A classic choice with a wide variety of colours and shapes

  3. Hyacinths: Known for their strong fragrance and vibrant colours

  4. Crocuses Early bloomers that are among the first to show colour in spring and come in purple, white, and yellow.

  5. Ranunculus: These bulbs produce stunning, multi-petaled flowers in a range of bright colours.

Artisans in The Collective

GEO-BULB @geo_bulb

A little life in a bottle. George is a Wellington based terrarium lover who is super passionate about creating little self sustaining ecosystems.

Little containers of peace 🧘 totally low maintenance — way easier than regular houseplants. They don't take up much space, so they’re perfect for apartments or small rooms. And let's face it, they just look really cool.

Munro felts

Plucking away at felt projects at home turned into a full blown side hustle for Munro Felts 😍 Highland cows with goofy faces and amazing hair. Little bees with all different expressions and other fun and bright characters are all part of the collection. Beautiful handmade gift, and yes it does count as a gift even if it's for you ;)

Check out the Facebook Page

Meet a Greenie!

Meet Amy 💚

She came to us fresh off her own entrepreneurial mission with her business Baked Az.

Ah she's a bubbly joy to have around The Greenery and luckily for all our customers Amy still makes delicious cakes! Just in cupcake form for The Green Bean

What's your favourite part of your work?

The people, physical work. Keeps your mind busy!

What makes you go wow?

The growth of everything - been here for 8 months. Only just now seeing the massive growth of the plants that were planted when I started. I came into this job with zero plants knowledge and I'm still learning so much every day.

Something that surprised you?

How many plants you can make from one plant! I'm doing my first delivery today. I've never had a job where I'm raring to get out of bed in the morning and that's all down to the people I work with and the environment I get to be in - I'm so grateful for my role at The Greenery!


Join us to celebrate the Winter Solstice!

There will be food trucks, cider tasting, mulled cider, live music, entertainment for the kids and a bar for the adults

The Collective will be open and there is 20% off everything in the garden centre.

Garden giggles

Got any weird things going on in the garden? send them to us!

When you find out you've got the garden magic after all <3

Do you have something you're stoked with in the garden and would like to share? Reply to us with a pic and a yarn, we'd love to feature your #shareyourgreenery moment 💚

Ask us

Got a garden question? Shoot! We'll answer it on our social channels and maybe feature it in our next blog if it's a real goodie!

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