Our on-site extensive  plant Nursery specialises in a wide variety of plants, from eco-sourced natives perfect for revegetation, to exotic trees, shrubs, ground covers, ferns and perennials.

Every plant is nurtured following a special regime established by our team of qualified horticulturalists.

 Our range of  locally grown hardy plants are ideal for everything.  From the backyard garden through to hedging and large grade shelter-belts, we do it all.

Wholesale orders and enquiries welcome.

For Plant hire, please contact please call the Nursery on 022 046 9726


We work hard with our suppliers to make sure all the plants we offer are in the best condition, and good value for money.

We’ll work with you to make sure you get plants that suit. 

Tell us about your site and aspirations, and we will help you choose a garden that will grow gloriously.

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Heirloom fruit trees and veggies

Do you pine for that great taste you can remember but never find anymore? Grow it yourself! We’ll help work out what suits from a large variety of heirloom fruit trees and veggies.

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Eco-sourced native plants

Grown from local seed, these plants are suited to the region, and help to bring native wildlife to your garden. 

From forest canopy trees to all sorts of shrubs, grasses, rushes, ferns and climbers.

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Specimen trees​

Our established garden shows just how wonderful a hero tree can be in a well-formed garden. 

We have heroes you can take home.

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