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About The Greenery

Our Place

As you drive down the tree lined avenue you enter a different world.

Here Tina and Grant are creating a go-to hub:u00a0 for garden retail, wholesale, landscape and natural resource management, all set in idyllic surroundings.


Our Approach

Our aim is to set out a great range of quality plants in a place where you have space and time to make good choices: about design, about planting, about making your garden come alive.

We offer as much information as you like we’ll help you make your selection, provide tips and tricks to get things to grow, help you plan layouts and overall planting schemes. Or we’ll just let you wander the leafy aisles in the quiet of the Coast whilst enjoying a Mojo coffee.

Knowledge and Passion

The Greenery is run by Tina Mullins, an experienced garden designer and landscape manager. Tina combines a passion for natural aesthetics with design nous and a down-to-earth approach.

To Tina, a spade is a spade and the beginning of something good growing.

Tina has a wealth of experience in garden retail and landscape design (and in amenity horticulture, which means making public space plantings really work).

She’s worked for over 20 years in small and large businesses as well as local government from 2005 to 2011 Tina was Horticulture and Biodiversity Advisor for Porirua City Council.

Vision & Expertise

Grant Irving specialises in landscape ecological planning, design, and implementation.

Grant has qualifications in natural resource management to his earlier experience in landscape horticulture, and has a strong track record of over two decades planning and implementing significant natural vegetation projects.

Tina and Grant are Wellington locals, they both grew up in the city’s northern suburbs, and after traveling the world and training in their disciplines, they settled on the Kapiti coast as the best place to raise their family and their business.

Awesome Team

Over time Tina and Grant have attracted some of the best horticulture and landscape specialists in the country.

Their growing team of dedicated professionals is on stand-by right now to help you create the outdoor spaces that suit your lifestyle.

The Greenery Team is full of ideas on how to create living spaces you and your family will enjoy, where you can relax and watch the beautiful plants grow.

We work with you to understand the soil, the section’s position, the wind, the weather conditions, your personal preferences, and many other factors, including your budget to create a foundation for good things growing.

Visit The Greenery today and get inspired with plants and pots and wander around the beautiful grounds whilst sipping a Mojo Coffee or enjoying a Gelato.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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